The inspiring stories of Mo and Hidde

Meet 25-year-old Mo and 16-year-old Hidde from The Netherlands, both living with LAMA2-CMD. In this short documentary produced by the Dutch Voor Sara Foundation, the two inspiring young men share their personal journeys. From the unwavering support of their families, to the medical challenges they face, the film offers an intimate look into their lives, chronicling the day-today realities of living with LAMA2-CMD.

“Try not to think about the things you can’t do.
Instead, focus on what you can do.”

Both Mo and Hidde refuse to let their condition define them. Instead, they showcase their strength through their stories, achievements and aspirations. Watch as Mo attends higher education in Utrecht and graduates with a Bachelor’s ceritifcate, whilst Hidde completes his secondary school education, determined to study economics at university in the near future. The film provides viewers with insights into the emotional and physical toll that LAMA2-CMD can take, but also emphasises the victories – small and large – that these individuals achieve daily.

Viewers also get to know Mo and Hidde’s families, who play a crucial role in their support system, providing unconditional love, support and encouragements. The film captures the deep bonds and shared determination within these families as they navigate the complexities of LAMA2-CMD together, highlighting the unbeatable spirit that resides within them. Both families are encouraged by a promising Generate Your Muscle (GYM) scientific study being conducted at Maastricht UMC, which is investigating an innovative stem cell therapy for the treatment of patients with reduced muscle mass, strength and energy.

As Mo and Hidde navigate their unique paths, they do so with hope for the future. Their stories serve as a source of inspiration for individuals living with LAMA2-CMD, illustrating that even in the face of adversity, life can be rich with purpose and meaning. By sharing these stories, LAMA2 Europe aims to foster understanding, empathy, and support for those living with LAMA2-CMD and other rare muscle diseases. Through awareness and advocacy, we can collectively work towards a future where individuals like Mo and Hidde can continue to thrive, break down barriers and achieve their dreams.

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