What is LAMA2-CMD?

Laminin Alpha-2 Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (LAMA2-CMD), also known as Merosin-Deficient Congenital Dystrophy Type 1A (MDC1A), is a genetic disorder that causes the weakening and wasting of the muscles used for moving and breathing.

Affecting 1 to 4 people in every 100,000, LAMA2-CMD is the most common form of the congenital muscular dystrophies.

What is MDC1A?
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Our mission is to further advance awareness and research for LAMA2-CMD internationally and to directly support patients and families by providing relevant information and resources.

This website brings together the international LAMA2-CMD community and centralises all information, education, community news and research and industry updates directly relating to the fight against LAMA2-CMD.

By including the patients and families, and by collaborating with the clinicians, researchers and members of the biotech industry involved with LAMA2-CMD around the world, we aim to accelerate the road to therapy in a truly united and collective global effort.

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