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Muscles On Wheels: a children’s book about a girl in a wheelchair! This special story is written by three students from Maastricht University in The Netherlands (Maisha-Marie Koenig, Anna Rakas and Anne Eggen) and the illustrations are from Lobke Houwes. We were able to publish this book thanks to funding of Interreg Euregio Meuse-Rhine. This is an unique project, because there are hardly any books about children in a wheelchair. We know books like this are very important to serve as a role model. By seeing role models like this, other children (and also adults!) can learn that a wheelchair is not scary or crazy at all.

Muscles On Wheels is about the following:
“Why are you so different and why can’t you walk like everyone else?” Sophia gets these questions almost every day. It’s Sophia’s first day at school, as it is for so many children. She’s just like the other kids her age: excited for the new adventure, fond of playing hide-and-seek and nervous about making new friends. Yet one thing is different: Sophia is in a wheelchair. This doesn’t stop her from fighting the dragons that come her way.

Muscles on Wheels is a story about a brave girl who overcomes her fears. It shows that you can also just make friends if you are a little different at first sight.

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Muscles On Wheels is available now in 5 different languages:

  • English: Muscle on wheels
  • Dutch: Spieren op wielen
  • German: Muskeln auf Rädern
  • French: Des muscles roulant
  • Spanish: Musculos sobre ruedas

Would you like to order a copy? The book is available for free, because we think it’s important that everyone who needs a role model like Sophia, has access to it. To cover our costs, we kindly ask to make a donation here.  You can order the book by using the form below. Don’t forget to mention which language you prefer.

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