SEAL Therapeutics joins the fight!

SEAL Therapeutics was established in late 2021 by Prof. Markus Rüegg, Dr. Judith Reinhard, both from the Biozentrum, and Dr. Thomas Meier, former CEO of Santhera Pharmaceuticals. The company specializes in developing its unique SEAL technology, an advanced gene therapy approach designed to treat patients with laminin-α2 deficient congenital muscular dystrophy (LAMA2 CMD).

SEAL Therapeutics aims to collaborate with an experienced pharmaceutical partner specializing in advanced gene therapy technologies to advance clinical development and achieve regulatory approval. Ultimately, the company’s objective is to make this innovative treatment available to patients with LAMA2 MD and their families. The novel gene therapy technique, known as SEAL technology, pioneered by Prof. Markus Rüegg and Prof. Peter Yurchenco along with their dedicated teams over the past two decades, tackles the absence of laminin-α2 in muscle and nerve tissue.